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The Temple of Grog - an Agile Game

by Georg Schild

Having an agile mindset is part of the eMundo spirit. We have lots of agile projects, so basically everyone must know about this. Yet, sometimes, doing agile software development is harder than expected.

To get around this, we developed a game - "The Temple of Grog" - that tries to teach the contents of the agile manifesto without actually doing software development. This makes it much easier because of the domain being completely inconvenient to any single workshop participant.


Create a Changelog from `git log`

by Georg Schild
SSCCE, git

On a regular basis, you may want to tag the master branch with a (beta) version that is deployed to a customer's staging system.

People not engaged in development themselves (e.g. product owners) usually have a hard time following the changes that are made available with each new version. So the easiest way to help them is to create a readable changelog from the git log.


Using CARDS+ Cases to calculate e2e Test Coverage

by Georg Schild
CARDS+, ruby, testing

In an iterative, continuous development process, manual tasks must be reduced to guarantee a high level of quality over time without reducing velocity. Testing the artifact is one of those tasks.

This post describes our way of calculating a coverage value by taking rspec-/watir-based tests and CARDS+ cases.


Height-Retaining Tabs Component Using CSS Grid

by Philipp Mitterer

When creating UI components for the web, you want to avoid jumping content where one component pushes another away. This tabs component implementation utilizes CSS grid for a clean pure CSS solution to the problem.